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June 5 2014

Watching this video made me laugh!  Its amazing how far we have gotten with technology, especially personal computers.  Watching these kids trying to figure out how to start and application on the Apple II, reminded me of my first Windows[…]

March 16 2014
My Fermenter

Last year around Summer time I had picked up a new hobby.  I never would have thought that one day I would be enjoying my own beer.  Yes, I have started brewing!  Apparently its something that is growing fast!  Especially[…]

February 24 2014


my keboard

My first class towards my Masters Degree is coming to an end. Its been a great experience overall. I have learned the proper use of HTML5, CSS3, and got my feet wet with JavaScript. JavaScript has definitely got me to[…]

February 20 2014

The Start


I have decided to start my own website as a way to express and brand myself, and also to create a portfolio for hopefully achieving a second career as freelance developer. My site would contain information of what is happening[…]