Category: Thoughts

June 5 2014

Watching this video made me laugh!  Its amazing how far we have gotten with technology, especially personal computers.  Watching these kids trying to figure out how to start and application on the Apple II, reminded me of my first Windows[…]

April 8 2014

When you think of a leading country in technology, math, and science, you might think of the United States.  Many would consider the United States as a leader in tech discovery and advancement, but according to some recent studies, the[…]

March 19 2014
Social Media Thought Bubble

Social Media has become part of just about everyone’s life who has access to the Internet.  Some people thought that social networks are a fad and would eventually become irrelevant. I remember when Friendster came out back in the late[…]

March 9 2014

My skills in Java programming are very little, but I will be starting another class soon!  My next class towards my master’s degree is Information Structures.  I’ve used Java Based systems before, but never gave it thought in language and[…]

March 1 2014

Tiny Cubes?

The Internet, in my opinion, is one of the best things to ever be invented.  It allows an individual to be connected with loved ones and have access to information in a matter of seconds.  This great access to communication[…]