Category: Cool Tech

August 6 2014
osmo game

I ran into this accessory for the iPad in search for something different for my kids iPad.  Its consists of a reflector and an a base.  The best way I can describe this is that it acts like a “Kinect” for your iPad[…]

June 17 2014

Solar Freaking Roadways! That’s right!  This concept, of using roads as solar cells, seems like a great idea.  Critics on the other hand  are claiming that it won’t endure the punishment and damage that streets regularly have to handle.  Everything[…]

May 2 2014

The hardware industry seems to be looking for “the next big thing”.  The iPhone has definitely revolutionize the way we communicate, get our news, stay connected with friends, track our sleep, track our fitness, and do just about anything else[…]