Social Media has become part of just about everyone’s life who has access to the Internet.  Some people thought that social networks are a fad and would eventually become irrelevant.

I remember when Friendster came out back in the late 90’s and my brother-in-law had introduced it to me.  As far as I know, at least for me, it was probably the first social network to come about.  You could create a profile, meet people from around the world based upon interests.  Now it isn’t recognizable.

Back then I had very little access to the internet so I didn’t get to use it.  When I did it was very slow!  DIAL UP!!!  How I don’t miss those days…

When MySpace came around I had better access to internet and used it a lot to promote my band’s music and other music projects.  Eventually the same thing I was doing killed my user experience.  Bands always bugging me telling me to listen to their music.  Facebook came along and you could actually connect with real people, not bands, and provided a great experience.  Later they added pages, groups, events, tagging, etc… The list goes on.  It really created a way to share your life with friends and the world!

Facebook has plateaued in the “developed-internet world” according to some researchers.  Even a more recent research claimed that Facebook will loose 80% of its users!  Its really hard to foresee what the future of social media will be.  I would like to take a guess.

I think  Facebook will still be the leader in the next three years and maybe up to five, but I do believe people will eventually move towards something like an IM (instant messengers) types social networks or more towards something personal like creating a personal website.

Remember MySpace’s freedom to personalize?  I think deep inside people would like to express themselves beyond just posting their thoughts, rants, or pictures.  Hell, isn’t social media all about expressing yourself?  I guarantee you if the option was available in Facebook where you could personalize your profile, people would do it.

What if the future of a new social network was a platform that allowed for the interconnection of websites through a framework that had API’s that allowed web designers link sites to be queried, shared, and promoted?  Something like Facebook meets WordPress meets Twitter.  Something where everyone has there own website but website updates (like blog posts or bio info change) are promoted and seen by others when logged into this platform?

Anyway who knows what the future would hold.  What do you think?

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