My skills in Java programming are very little, but I will be starting another class soon!  My next class towards my master’s degree is Information Structures.  I’ve used Java Based systems before, but never gave it thought in language and who is using it.  So i decided to start looking into what can be done with it.

Java is a programming language that can be used to develop applications for your computer or online applications.  For the applications to run on your browser a plug-in is needed.  Chances are you’ve used a program that requires the Java Virtual Machine (JVM).  The JVM creates a virtual machine on which applications get executed.  A benefit of the JVM is that all the parameters are the same regardless of operating system (ie. Windows, Mac or Linux computer).  Which is why its a favorite due to its cross platform accessibility.  Another benefit of writing in Java is that developers only have to write one version of an application and don’t need to worry about various platforms.

Android Apps are written in the Java language.  I personally would like to learn how to code my first iOS app very soon, but it seems that Apple uses Objective-C instead.  Hopefully the transition from Java to Objective-C is not difficulty.